Thursday, December 23, 2010


Samsung Galaxy 3 - Froyo

How to Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy 3 to Froyo (Android 2.2)

Gingerbread is around the corner and most of us are stuck with Eclair on our devices, feeling left out ? Samsung Kies says your phone does not have any new firmware. :(
Waited too long and sincerely for Samsung to release the Froyo update ?
Here you go.

3 words for you before you get excited and start doing the steps below - backup your phone
or remember how you set the settings, get yourself some appbrain + titanium backup.

Possible things to consider - warranty void, loss of IMEI, change in MAC address, and the must not say word 'bricking'
Alright then, next on the menu - simcard removal, memory card removal..haa...stripping apart the galaxy 3 - such a treat :p

Download >>
which contains the latest firmware for your phone, what we have here is - I5800XXJP8 - pass
which contains - apollo_0531.ops / I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe

Get your USB Cable ready, Install Samsung Kies and upgrade it to the latest version - so it install's the phone drivers.

1) Turn off your phone
2) launch I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe

3) Select "One Package"
4) Select OPS - the file "apollo_0531.ops"
5) In one package - select the firmware "I5800XXJP8.tar"
6) Connect Phone-USB-PC
7) Hold down - Volume Down + Home Key + Power On >

The Phone screen should look like this >
6) Hit 'Start' on 'Odin Multi Downloader' screen.
7) Watch the progress bar on the phone indicating the installation.
8) Phone reboots, and give you the screen >
9) Hit the home key - to reboot.
10) Watch Odin for the screen to reach 'Pass' >

11) Watch your phone - marvel at the installation - you have 2nd born in your family - cherish it - welcome Froyo.

Pop that simcard and memory card and welcome the new features like - move to SD, tethering, faster performance, etc...

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